Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are You Dealing With A Real Financial Advisor?

Carl Richards, a contributing author to the New York Times and the Director of Investor Education at BAM ALLIANCE, posted a short list of indicators that you are working with a real, qualified financial advisor. I thought the list was worth re-posting. You can follow Carl on twitter here.

  1. A real financial advisor is a professional with a demonstrated commitment to eduction: CPF, CFA, CPA/PFS, etc.
  2. A real financial advisor is clear and open about potential conflicts of interest.
  3. A real financial advisor only gets compensation from the clients they work for, not from product vendors.
  4. A real financial advisor listens more than they talk, taking the time to diagnose before prescribing.
  5. A real financial advisor is pretty boring, able to stick with a disciplined plan over a long period of time.
  6. A real financial advisor is someone you trust (of course while verifying).
  7. A real financial advisor puts your interests first. Period.


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