Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Moment To Focus On The Good

One of my favorite economists, Jeff Thredgold, pointed out in his recent newsletter that society tends to focus on negative information. Consequently, he dedicated some time to focusing on the positive developments within the U.S. Here is a sampling of the information he mentioned:
  • The 0.9% decline in the nation’s unemployment rate during the past three months was the sharpest three-month fall in 28 years.
  • U.S. economic growth has now been positive for seven consecutive quarters.
  • Productivity of U.S. workers rose an average of 2.6% annually during the past 10 years, the largest gain in 40 years. Rising productivity is a long-term key to higher standards of living.
  • The number of people who have quit smoking (46 million) now exceeds the number who still smoke (45 million). Less than 21% of adults smoke today, versus nearly half in the early 1950s.
  • Substantiated cases of childhood sexual abuse have fallen 49% since 1990. Physical abuse of children is down 43%.
  • Economic output of the average American worker is 10-12 times that in China. Americans won 30 Nobel prizes in science and economics during the past five years. China? Just one.
  • A record 30% of men have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, versus 29% of women, also a record. This compares to a combined 7.7% in 1960. A record 85% of adults over age 25 now have at least a high school diploma, versus 24% in 1940.
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