Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FiLife.com: Market Pullbacks Lead to "Madness"

Recently, I was honored to have an article I wrote published by FiLife.com, a website published in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. The article discusses the willingness of the financial planning industry to play on the fears of the investing public, and why it is important to find an independent financial advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the client's best interest. I was surprised to receive an email from FiLife.com yesterday that highlighted my article in their weekly newsletter. Additionally, I have received a significant amount of support and backing from other independent, fee-only financial planners. Check out the article here.


Candy said...

Nice article, Lon! I like your philosophy.

Lon Jefferies, MBA, Independent Financial Planner and Fiduciary said...

Thanks Candy, and thanks for reading!

vishnuprasath said...

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