Monday, April 6, 2009

Fee Only Financial Planners Unite in Salt Lake City

In case you missed us, many of the fee only financial planners and NAPFA members in the Salt Lake City, Utah area met to support the "Your Money Bus Tour" that is traveling across America. The event, which took place at the Salt Lake City Library on Friday, April 3rd, was a success for several reasons.

First and foremost, we accomplished what we set out to do. Many individuals stopped by for a free consultation with an educated, fee only advisor and I believe we answered a lot of questions. People needed help with issues such as social security, debt elimination, IRAs and 401ks, health insurance, and estate planning problems. Many simply had a general desire to learn more about personal finance. I also believe we succeeded in opening some eyes to the difference between a fee only financial advisor and a traditional, commission-based financial advisor.

Another benefit of the event is that it provided an opportunity for all the fee only financial planners in the area (there are about 20 of us in the State) to get together and discuss the current investment environment. There are many ways to skin a cat, and I found that most planners run their business in a way that is unique. By getting together, I believe we all learned beneficial ways to add value to our client relationships, and methods to improve our practices.

Of course, if you missed the "Your Money Bus Tour" stop in Salt Lake City but would be interested in a free consultation with a fee only, independent financial planner and NAPFA member, I would be happy to help in any way possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a consultation.

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